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About me

Hello and Welcome! I am a 26-year old PhD student. I have been playing RPGs of all sorts as both player and DM for the majority of my life. Story and character are my greatest loves, and have led me to becoming a passionate "forever DM". Since the release of D&D 5e, I have put in over 800 hours as a DM, player, and worldbuilder in both in-person and online formats. I have experience with a variety of groups - everything from experienced D&D veterans, all the way to complete beginners. A great game can come out of any group, and I believe it is the duty and privilege of the DM to bring their world to life.

GM style

As a DM, I like to focus on character and story first and foremost, which I seek to highlight through unique encounters, combat, and challenges. More than anything, however, I aim to tailor the game to the players at the table. I do not run modules because I believe that every game should be as different and creative as the characters that players bring to the adventure. This is more work on my end, certainly, but this approach results in unique, personalized experiences that modules cannot replicate. I look forward to building a unique story with every player and group. While I love the challenge and freedom of "oneshots", I much prefer running games that last at least a few sessions. Doing so allows us to delve further into characters and the world they live in.

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