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Dr. Brad

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Dr. Brad

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About me

Hello Adventurers League Players! Have you been looking for a professional DM to give you a high-quality AL-Legal experience on Role20 so you can progress your Forgotten Realms character that you made at GenCon, Pax Unplugged, or your local game store? I offer exactly that! I've been playing and DMing Dungeons and Dragons for nearly 35 years. For the last few years I've been playing and DMing with the Adventurers League at local game stores and at some of the major AL conventions including GenCon, Origins, and PaxUnplugged. As a college professor who has recently gained hundreds of hours of experience teaching online, I figure it's time to combine these skills and interests by offering a biweekly set of Adventurers League one-shots! Since my leadership expertise is with adults, I will limit the players to ages 18+, but I don't expect heavy mature themes as we will be playing official AL modules on Role20.

GM style

* Adventurers League rule set including PHB+1 and using adventure logsheets for character progression following the current season (S9) AL players guide. * All planned (possible) combat encounters are tactically mapped on Role20 VTT - I love running combat for strategic players with characters that want to work well with their groupmates. * Roleplaying that is cooperative with teammates is highly encouraged! * I frown upon a character that always rushes in to combat, throws a fireball first and never asks questions, or uses an excuse of "but that's what my character would do" to not be cooperative. If that is what your character would do things that are not in a team spirit, make a different character.

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