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About me

Hi, I'm Jaye Sonia, the owner of Storm Bunny Studios and the author/creator of the Bloodlines & Black Magic Roleplaying Game. As a designer, I've been writing (and developing) gaming material for nearly two decades - a fact I have come to reluctantly embrace (alongside these grey hairs). When it comes to running tables, I focus on keeping things dynamic and inclusive. As a former expatriate (Japan, Kuwait), I have had the opportunity to game with a diverse group of players from around the world, playing in three different countries and at countless conventions. I tend to lean into passionate storytelling and love to incorporate the strange, the weird, and the unique into my games. I love working with new players and welcome all levels of experience at my tables.

GM style

My GMing style depends primarily on my players and the game. When I'm gaming with my play-test team, we stop a lot, joke a bit, and worry more about our evaluation of the experience than our voices or level of immersion. It's a very casual but professional environment. It helps that most of us are friends. When I'm running games at conventions (or the general public), I tend to lean into the performance, worrying less about the specifics and focusing on the fun. I'm a big fan of modern, supernatural horror and would love to run a full season of Bloodlnes & Black Magic for a group.


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