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Amy Kim Cole
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Amy Kim Cole

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About me

Hi! I've been playing RPGs since 1995 when I first joined a LARP of Vampire: the Masquerade. My next experience was with AD&D. For the past five years, I have enjoyed playing 5E Eberron, 5E Shadowrun, WOIN NEW, and Uncharted Worlds. I have also been GMing D&D, WOIN, and homebrew games. You can find me as a player & storyteller on the Chaotic Goodness actual play podcast. Most recently, with the help of my players, I have been creating a fantasy world called Vaggavergard, and we use modified D&D 5th edition rules. My games are best suited for people who enjoy homebrews, storytelling, and Rule of Cool. Nice to meet you!

GM style

Roleplay in the sandbox is my jam! I do not enjoy crunch and much prefer to keep the story going and players immersed. I like to improvise 75% of the game on the spot, so grand overarching plots generally only happen when the players create one with their roleplaying. The game is in the hands of the players, I respond to them.

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