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About me

I have been playing pen and paper RPGs since I was 8 years old, and it remains my favorite type of game. As a Game Master, you will find that I: 1) Dive deep into player characters. Your character's backstory and goals will be used to forge the story! 2) Welcome player creativity. Thinking outside the box is encouraged. Especially if I did not anticipate it! 3) Promote a cooperative game. It is never GM vs player, we are all working together to build a great story. 4) Provide world shaping consequences to player actions and inactions. Decide to ignore the reports of increasing undead presence in the swamp? Well now there is a Lich with a horde of zombies slaughtering the nearby village.

GM style

Roleplaying and creating a story together are my bread and butter, but a good challenging combat is great too! Challenges are based on the party's strength, so more story driven characters wont be run over by combat encounters designed for min-maxers.

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