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Xanillis Grimm

4 years on StartPlaying

About me

Good (relative time of day) to you! I am Xanillis Grimm or Xan for short. I have been a professional (insert DM or GM preference) for over ten years in Southern California. I've done hundreds of live events and completed over fifty campaigns in my career. Typically, I am accustomed to telling stories and running games in person, but as the (global event) continues to lock people inside, I've recently begun to run games online. I adore players of all skill levels of familiarity in both game-play and role-play. I prefer to run weekly games for three to four hour sessions and am used to running anywhere from three to eight groups during a week. After teaching game mastering and role playing also professionally for many years now, I've seen my thirty students' confidence rise or fall from one simple rule: There really is no substitute for experience. So if you want an experienced voice, I just may be your guy! Sincerely, -Your humble GM.

GM style

Lend me your imagination for but a moment. There are three camps. The first camp is filled with generals and strategists, with battle maps and accurate enemy representation. The tents of this camp are easily known to a casual onlooker though have subtle editions to the veterans of this camp to further enjoy. Plans and tools to enact them are found at hand as they prepare for anything. The second camp is lively with the song of bards and the laughter of actors. Scenes play out in lively fashion as jokes and ballads are tempered by drama and intrigue. The camp is open, with very little borders save for those the actors deem necessary as to not limit their imagination. The third camp is combination of actors and generals, but also brings new adventurers eager to see what is possible. The camp offers tools and defined borders but not so much that the imagination wouldn't allow for subtle or even not so subtle changes, encouraging some of the best from the first and second camps. I am traveler to all three camps, and enjoy them all for different reasons. Whichever the camp you enjoy, I will give you tailored experience to suit your wants and wishes while also opening a few more doors for you to explore into seeing what could be possible for your adventure.


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