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About me

Professional DM who creates immersive experiences. Some things that can be expected in my games are: - RolePlaying where every NPC has unique voice and motives, which doesn't stop once combat starts - Soundtracks hand selected for every area/encounter of the campaign - Deep understanding of RaW (Rules as Written) to allow for RaF (Rules as Fun) - Integration of backstories to allow for every PC to have character development and time in the "lime light" - Preparedness, making sure sessions keep moving without getting bogged down - Expansive vocabulary helping create vivid areas and encounters - Patience with players with help learning the game/rules ( I taught my 7 year old to play, I can teach you! ) - Constant striving for improvement in all areas of DMing - A focus on FUN!!!

GM style

Very versatile GM, running the game style that the players want. Some of my skills are in: - Voice Actor quality NPCs - Crunchy tactical combat - Immersive worldbuilding - Roleplay driven gameplay - Designing in world consequences for PCs actions - Follows RaW(Rules as Written) as long as they don't ruin RaF(Rules as Fun)

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