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Andrew Cook

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Ive been playing and Dungeon Mastering D&D campaigns for 10 years- from 3.5 through 5th edition. I currently DM a weekly campaign on roll20 and am looking to begin DMing for the D&D community at large. My campaigns are typically rooted in the world of Faerun with some homebrew-story elements, as well as additional homebrew class and race options that I've developed and playtested since 5th edition came out. I DM both one-shots and full campaigns depending on each individual group's wants and/or needs and have had many one-shots organically evolve into full-fledged campaigns as players fall in love with their character's and aren't ready for their stories to end! My goal as a DM is to make sure everyone at the table is engaged, immersed, and having fun! My encyclopedic knowledge of 5th edition allows me to create content unique to each group I DM for and although I often pull relevant content from official modules- no two campaigns of mine will ever go down the same way, so you are guaranteed a specialized campaign tailored to each specific group. My rates are $20 per person for a 3 hour session, or $30 / hour for any duration longer than 3 hours, to a maximum of 7 hours (unless negotiated ahead of time). I will typically round down if we go over by less than 30 min and will always warn my players that if they plan to continue beyond that 30 min I'll charge them a prorated rate but otherwise we can call it right there at no extra charge.

GM style

My style has a pretty even balance between combat and roleplaying, depending on the group I'm DMing for, as well as the campaign setting. The ambitions of my player's characters largely determine how I shape the pacing and direction of each campaign. From classic fantasy adventures to kingdom building to post-apocalyptic wastelands- each campaign setting is lovingly crafted for each new group I DM for.

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