Monster of the Week | Thieves in the Night

Monster of the Week on Roll20

This is a great introduction to Monster of the week. You will be joined by one experienced player and a veteran GM. The game will start with a mystery that needs to be solved and then turn into some kind of monster hu...

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Additional Details

How to prepare

Just a character in roll 20, we will give you access to your sheet ahead of time. Knowing being familiar with roll 20 will be helpful, but we can guide you through it if need be!

What I provide

Everything else you need! (We can make you a character if you would like)

What else should you know

This game will directly affect our weekly Monday storyline on our twitch channel.

Gameplay Details

Lets slay some monsters and solve some mysteries, and make some jokes, and try not to die.

How Will Character Creation Work

Please create a character before hand using any licensed Monster of the Week materials, or we can provide one for you. You choose! If you're a fan of our show you will be familiar with BARS, which is the group you will be joining. Plan accordingly!

Players can expect







Experience Level


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