Dungeons & Dragons 5e | The Arrival of the Emperor

Dungeons & Dragons 5e on Google Hangouts

If you're a fan of the classic Final Fantasy games, story driven campaign with humor and plenty of lore for you to uncover, then this is for you. I do milestone leveling so there's no need for grinding, enjoy the story a...

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How to prepare

Have your Level 1 character sheet ready and some sort of back story as to where your character is from and why you think they ended up in Loren for this event. Anything goes. One past player was literally divorced Santa Claus taking on adventuring to get over losing his wife.

What I provide

For the time being while the game is virtual, I'll bring dice for myself and keep character sheets on the dndbeyond campaign hub at the ready in case I can help with anything. I scribble quick maps for reference as needed, but most of the game is done by way of description and theater of the mind. I will, however, provide a world map for players to have a sense of scope and location.

What else should you know

Have fun. Never talk yourself out of trying something as your characters, never tell yourself that I'll say "don't do that." I never will. I'll only tell you what skill/ability to roll against for it (and warn if it's a nigh impossible dice challenge), but I love creativity and out of the box thinking. That's what the game is all about.

Gameplay Details

I use the 5E system, and favor role play and investigation/interaction with the world, but also realistic consequences for role play decisions and actions. Combat is usually, if not always, story and player decision driven. I don't require players to do voices, but appreciate you actually speaking as your characters and not meta-playing- there's a fun in the challenge of thinking not just what you want to do, but also what would my character know and want to do ? For my part, I love acting so I happily do dozens of voices for various NPCs throughout the session and enjoy illustrating the environments and action throughout. There are the occasional puzzles and riddle, but puzzles tend to be more pragmatic: planning a heist of an artifact from a museum or casino; figuring out how to con a noble out of their platinum; etc. I've run this campaign twice already for both veteran players and all new players, so my style adapts extremely well to initiating new players and throwing curveballs at more seasoned players.

How Will Character Creation Work

Characters start at Level 1, but since I utilize the milestone approach rather than EXP, levels advance fairly generously for the first few sessions after new players have gotten the hang of the basics so that seasoned players don't have to endure being squishy for too long.

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