Indie TTRPG | Capers - A Super Powered One Shot

Indie TTRPG on Roll20, Zoom

This one shot will be set in the middle of Prohibition in Chicago! Players will create a super powered individuals seeking their next job which can pay in money or booze. Lets just hope their full of enough moxie to deal...

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Additional Details

How to prepare

- Reading the rules is awesome but not necessary beyond character building - Roll20 account will be needed. It can be the free version. - Please read the TTRPG Safety Tools Kit provided. I use this at all my tables.

What I provide

I will prepare maps and an additional resources and make them available in Roll20.

What else should you know

The actual Prohibition Era is riddled with sexism and racism. This will not be part of our game. Just as the 1920-1930's didn't have super powered people. This is our own idealized version of that world. Lets bring the BEST parts of it to the table, not the worst.

Gameplay Details

Capers uses a card based system versus the usual dice mechanic. We will use the custom Roll20 build for pulling and maintaining cards. There will not be a lot of planning for this session though I will make myself available 30 minutes prior for any questions related to character building. Each player will be provided with a PDF copy of the core rule book along with a handy guide from me for building your character. I am a RP heavy GM which usually manifests through kooky NPCs, politics, and intrigue. This game specifically lends itself to lots of fun super powered combat as well so expect back alley shoot outs, car chases, and running from the Cops.

How Will Character Creation Work

Ideally characters will be created before arriving at the table. All players will be provided with the materials they need, access to Roll20, and a handy video from me walking you through character creation. In addition, you will be provided with the TTRPG Safety Tools Kit for assuring that our table is safe and fun for all. I will also make myself available 30 minutes before the session begins to answer questions and help with character creation.

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