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The Clockworld Saga

The Clockworld Saga

Pathfinder 1e on Fantasy Grounds

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  • Duration: 3 to 4 hours

  • Number of players: 2 to 6 players

  • Experience required: Open to all

Price per player-session

About the adventure

“There was once a little boy who ran and who ran, never stopping, never ceasing. Time and time again the villagers asked why he ran and always he responded the same, “Because what might happen if I stop.” The villagers were puzzled at this answer and eventually asked what it is that scared him so. Never ceasing to stop, the boy merely answered, “Nothing.” What irony then, that so many people who think themselves better laugh at this story, not considering for a second what it truly means. The Clock keeps on ticking, Kings keep on reaching and all the while never pausing to stop. Is it because all that awaits them is nothing? Or is nothing what they truly fear?” Lucian Black, Knight of the Songbird ------------------------------------------------ The world has grown shadowed as it moves forward. Amilyn quakes from the aftershocks of war, hides from the ashes in heaven. Demons run amok amidst shattered chains while devils make their bargains with no angels to guide our path. Great Empires now lie in rubble, the rule of law and myth once held tightly, now flaunted by the criminal and the insane. We are a reflection of the gods they say, and what gods they must be as we look out at a world aflame. Good, Evil, Truth, Lie, these are but words to describe concepts that have let us down once too often. Now is the time for certainty in our hearts, no matter who would stand in our way. The storm beckons, the thunder growls once more... This war is not over yet. -------------------------------------------- Welcome one and all to The Clockworld Saga, a story taking place in the home-brew setting of Clockworld consisting of many adventures and legends that our characters will participate in. From the heart of ancient Amilyn to the shores of distant Jainir and even across the weathered hands of the Clock itself, our characters will explore, fight and experience a world torn apart by its own search for perfection. This game starts with our four characters, noble scions of a distant house in Penchant, called to arms by an event that hasn't happened in over a thousand years. The Lady of the Lake, hidden and silent for so long, has finally called for those greatest knights to attend her. Before her judgement will they be measured, and those found greatest will restore a throne long shattered by feud and betrayal. Eager and willing, with everything to prove, our party will set out in search for glory in a story far darker than the tales of old. While not initially presented, this game will possess the expectation of player progression outside of the party. Though you all will be delving into dungeons, slaying monsters and exploring the many wonders that Clockworld has to offer, you will also be expected to possess dreams of power, ambition or hope. This world is broken and you may be the only ones in a position to fix it... for better or for worse. Though the characters are obviously the heroes of the story, there is no requirement that they be angelic beings, for the Lady cares only for honour and glory, and even the blackest knight possesses a code of sorts. This is a world on fire, torn apart by mortals far worse than any monster that still roams the darker places of the land. It is of no surprise, therefore, that many who take up the banner of wandering the world do so with little more than greed or ambition to drive them forwards. Evil is, after all, a luxury for peaceful times. --------------------------------------------------------------- In terms of content, this game will contain graphic content including violence, foul language and horror. There will not be sexual themes and unless there is consent between players, interactions of such nature between the cast will not be allowed. As a GM I put in a lot of work into my games, creating maps and lore entries, as well as ensuring the story maintains a high quality. I expect a certain degree of decorum from my players as a result, especially regarding punctuality. I understand that life will often throw up problems and if you have to miss a session that is fine, but please give me heads up notice so I can at least write around your absence. I also don't mind a small amount Out-of-Character conversation but do not let it de-rail the game. Mostly, I am looking for players who enjoy roleplay, grand storytelling and want to get involved in a long-lasting campaign in which anything is possible. Best of luck Jacob F.

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Additional Details

How to prepare

This game will require a Microphone, Discord, Syrinscape (Free) and a copy of the Fantasy Grounds Unity Demo (Free).

What I provide

I will be bringing an Ultimate Licence of Fantasy Grounds Unity (with multiple books) and a Subscription to Syrinscape.

Gameplay details

A typical session will usually involve a large amount of role-playing. Information is rarely handed out but earned by the players, and encounters are frequently optional, promising reward at great risk to your safety. Creativity is encouraged and skill checks can sometimes be bypassed by effective role-playing of the character. Combat, when it occurs, is often dangerous. Players will be expected to prepare themselves for the path ahead, and research, investigation and forethought will often be rewarded with advantages in future stages of the narrative. Dungeons with mutliple encounters will be availble but will be more uncommon than in most games.

Content warnings


Safety tools used


How will character creation work

Characters will be created in a Session 0 with myself and all the players. Certain details may be kept secret if desired and alterations are acceptable up until the Campaign officially beings. Characters will begin at Level 2, and attributes will be determined by Point Buy (Standard Fantasy Array: 15 Points).

Players can expect

  • Combat/Tactics: Medium
  • Roleplay: High
  • Puzzles: Low
  • Experience Level: Open to all

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