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Dungeons & Dragons 5e, Homebrew Game on Discord, Google Hangouts, Skype

For this particular game, it is a 'home-brewed', a hodgepodge of stuff I enjoy and I believe my players would enjoy. I adapt the game and story and characters to what the group is enjoying the most. ...

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How to prepare

Knowing the rules helps. But part of why I'm there is to help teach (and learn myself). We can work on character creation together if need be. All of this is speculation so far.

What I provide

In person. I got lots of dice. Access to D&D Beyond and such. I tend to make maps also. Other props as needed. As many visual aids as possible. Online, will provide digital handouts. Maps, item sheets, and the like.

What else should you know

I try to be as agreeable as possible, but also try not to be a push-over. Its a tightrope. Try to be as accommodating for everyone as much as possible.

Gameplay Details

I personally like story telling aspects... but I do my best to adapt to everyone's play-style. All (most) ways of playing the game are great.

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