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Have you ever wanted to try your hand at Starfinder? Are you just dying to face strange, otherworldly beings shot things with laser pistols? Well, now you can! This Starfinder adventure is for complete beginners. This ...

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How to prepare

It will help if you browse through the rules, but don't focus on knowing everything. Just know what's on your character sheet and how to find it. Free Standard Rule Book: You will need to come with a character already created but my DM's are always open to help you.

What I provide

I'll bring the maps for the VTT, the music, and the story!

What else should you know

There is a huge learning curve to Starfinder, it can seem really difficult at first; but that's okay! We got this!

Gameplay Details

This game is for complete beginners. We will attempt to spend an equal time with social, puzzle, and combat encounters; but each session will be catered to the player's needs. The Subterranean Safari is an exciting adventure in my opinion because it deals a lot with Starfinder specific ability checks such as: computers, hacking, professions, and sensing motives. I also really enjoy this particular adventure path because it is highly adaptable, if there is a group that is really looking forward to more social encounters it can easily be ran with low combat. On the other hand if people are looking for wall to wall action, the adventure can easily accommodate that!

How Will Character Creation Work

Character creation will happen before the game in Roll20.

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