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Homebrew Game on Fantasy Grounds, Discord

The setting is an infinite Cosmos. Sessions are run using an advanced version of the step-dice-pool system used in the QUESTS OF YORE role-playing adventure game. Subsetting design and character generation are at the top...

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Additional Details

How to prepare

No major prep is needed. Discord and Fantasy Grounds Unity (Demo is sufficient) should be installed and functioning prior to the session. Knowing the kind of genre you're interested in playing and having an idea of the kind of character you'd like to play is good.

What I provide

I will be bringing the fire. ;) I provide character sheets with basic mechanical elements in FGU. This makes it easy to create characters and get playing.

What else should you know

This is listed as a "homebrew" game but it's the advanced version of a published system.

Gameplay Details

Gameplay centers around the exchange, where the players listen as the scene is described then explain the actions they want to take. As the exchange reaches a point where there's a question as to what happens, a pool of dice (taken from the situation, what the character brings to the table, and what support they have from others) are rolled. The mechanic is a roll-to beat a target using a roll-and-keep pool with degrees of success. (Which is just fancy words for rolling some dice, adding the highest few, and seeing if you didn't do the thing, did the thing, or you REALLY did the thing!)

How Will Character Creation Work

Characters are generated during the first part of the session.

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