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Frøya (World's Northernmost DM)
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Frøya (World's Northernmost DM)he/him

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About me

Hei hei from Svalbard, in the northernmost town on the planet. We experience more than 3 months of polar night and TTRPGs keep me sane! I'm a dog musher by day and a nerd by night. Creativity is one of the staples of human existence. RPG's are one of my favorite mediums for creativity. I started playing at age 8 with my family and it stuck with me. As a musician and lifelong dabbler in various creative arts, I know how to put on a show with you as a fellow performer! I know the pain of not having a dedicated group to play with and would love for you to join me in having some fun. Want to see me in action? Check out the channel I DM for: Note: My name used to be Shae, hence that name being used in my reviews.

GM style

I'm a metal head at heart and I tend to be a little...extra with the gore and details. I LOVE being very heavy on the role play and encourage my players to join me in making dumb faces and voices all night. I try to balance roleplay, combat, and puzzles but will gladly increase or decrease certain aspects depending on what the party would like to experience. I prefer slower pacing than many DM's so I can add attention to detail and extra personality where possible. I'm visually oriented and enjoy using full 3D battle maps with minis. I love building a heavy story so I prefer campaigns more than one-shots. If you have a campaign you would like to see brought to life or just feel like getting involved in one I will gladly help turn the dream into reality. Don't believe me? Maybe you'll believe a review from one of my weekly players! "{...} the world feels expansive with lots of possibilities that all feed into the main storyline. During multiple-session games, he weaves the players’ backstory into the world, expanding upon what they wrote themselves. When you enter a battle with Shae, you can expect a detailed mental picture of your enemy. He has a penchant for creating truly grotesque monsters that make terrifying noises. If you have a sensitive stomach, you may feel it turning when he describes the viscous fluids leaking from the entrails of the enemy you just sliced open. He develops scenes that convey intended emotions. Mystical forests feel enchanting. Moments of mourning fill you with pain."


Player reviews (26)

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