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About me

I have been playing TTRPGs since the mid 90's, mostly as a GM. I have experience in D&D (AD&D-5E), Mutants and Masterminds, Cyberpunk RED, 2d20 (just about all), Shadowrun, Mutant Year Zero, and Savage Worlds, just to name a few. I love to run games and creating a shared experience. If you want to play it, most likely I can run it.

GM style

I love to role play and creating a shared world with my players. I enjoy an equal mix of role play and combat. I want the players to have fun and feel like the world is alive and their actions matter. I enjoy a shared narrative, with exploration and character growth. Depending on player's actions a session might be full of role play or combat or anywhere in between. As a GM, especially in these times, I enjoy VTT mixed with Discord, or when in person I prefer maps and minis over theater of the mind. I have my own homebrew D&D 5e setting and campaign as well as a homebrew Mutants and Masterminds setting and campaign.


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