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NOTE: I run most of my games for free so my games hosted is very low. I only get credit for hosting free games if a player leaves me a tip (which is appreciated but not expected!) I played my first game of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons back in 1985 when I was 12 years old and it changed my life. Some of the best memories of my life are from adventuring in amazing imaginary worlds with my friends. Since then I've game mastered for an ever evolving group for decades. My goals as a game master are to help players bring their characters to life, feel the thrill that only TTRPGs can bring, and most importantly, have fun. I try and make the gaming experience more immersive by using Discord, visuals, virtual tabletop (Foundry VTT), voice changing software, sound effects and music. I'm an avid TTRPG collector and own and would be excited to run any of the following games for a group (one-shots, short adventures of 2-5 sessions, or extended campaigns): * means that I own the game but have not run it yet and would need 2 to 3 weeks to learn the system. FANTASY Band of Blades* D&D 5E Dungeon Crawl Classics* Godbound* Mork Borg Old-School Essentials Advanced Fantasy* Pathfinder (both editions but prefer 2E) Shadow of the Demon Lord* Slayers* The Electrum Archive (Science Fantasy)* Wicked Ones* Worlds without Numbers* SCI-FI OR CYBERPUNK Aeon, Trinity Continuum* Alien* Blade Runner* Code Warriors* Cybermetal 2012 Cy_Borg Cyberpunk Red Deathwatch* Death in Space* Dune* Fluxfall Horizon* Gangs of Titan City* Interdimensional Shenanigans* Lancer* Light Beacon Edition* Mecha & Monsters Evolved Metamorphosis Alpha* Mothership* NOVA* Paranoia Perfect Edition* Scum & Villainy* Starfinder Stars without Number* Star Trek Adventures* Star Wars D20* Terminator* Timewatch* Traveller* Warhammer Wrath & Glory* Vast Grimm POST APOCALYPTIC Apocalypse World* Atomic Punk* Barbarians of the Ruined Earth* Demon Dog* Duster* Mutant Crawl Classics* The Mutant Epoch* Mutant Year Zero, Genlab Alpha, Mechatron, & Elysium* Neon Lords of the Toxic Wasteland* Nuked!* Numenera PunkApocalyptic* Savage Worlds Rifts* Umerica* Zyborg Commando Resurrection Overdrive* SUPERHEROES Aberrant, Trinity Continuum* Claim the Sky* Godlike* Icons* Marvel Multiverse RPG* Masks: A New Generation* Mutant & Masterminds* Prowlers & Paragons Sentinel Comics* Tiny Supers* Wild Cards* Wild Talents* HORROR Achtung Cthulhu* Call of Cthulhu* Delta Green Hunter: The Reckoning* Monster of the Week Stay Alive* PULP Dicey Tales* Pulp Cthulhu ANIME BESM (Big Eyes Small Mouth)* OverArms* WESTERN Cowpunchers Reloaded* Drifters* Duster* Gun & Slinger* Frontier Scum* Savage Worlds Deadlands: The Weird West* We Deal in Lead (Based on Stephen King's Dark Tower series)* STEAMPUNKISH Blades in the Dark* OTHER GENRES Apocalypse Keys* ARC: Doom* Avatar Legends* City of Mist* Coyote & Crow* Into the Odd* Kids on Brooms* Mythic Mortals* Primal Quest* The Strange Tiny Gods* I use an adaptation Monte Cook’s RPG Consent Checklist (pregame) and X card (in-game) as tools to craft games all players will enjoy. Session Zeroes (when needed to make characters) are FREE. I can run games 5PM until 9PM CST Monday through Saturdays.

GM style

I'm a hero enabler. Players are like the stars in a big budget movie and should feel like it. I try to help them craft sessions where they can bring their characters to life. I try to combine humor and a commitment to let the dice lie where they land. If I do my job well, players will bounce between laughing and biting their nails throughout the session. I use the Foundry VTT and Discord, as well as music and sound effects to make games more immersive and exciting. I try to do accents to make my NPCs seem more real, but my accents are terrible :) If games were movies, I’m fine running PG-13, R, or NC-17 rated games.

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