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About me

I started playing and GMing TTRPGs back in 1985 with D&D when I was 12. Today I am X- 1985 years old where X equals the current year and loving TTRPGs more than ever! How would I describe my GMing style? I try to channel Quentin Tarantino if he was directing a movie co-written by the Rick & Morty writing room. I use Foundry VTT and Discord to run games. Battle maps, visuals, sound effects and music are all used to make sessions fun and immersive. NOTE: I run most of my games for free so my games hosted is very low. I only get credit for hosting free games if a player leaves me a tip (which is appreciated but not expected!) Some of the games I own and will run: FANTASY Band of Blades* D&D 5E Dungeon Crawl Classics* Godbound* Isle of Ixx* Mork Borg Old-School Essentials Advanced Fantasy* Pathfinder (both editions but prefer 2E) Shadow of the Demon Lord* Slayers* Trophy Dark* The Electrum Archive (Science Fantasy)* Wicked Ones* Worlds without Numbers* SCI-FI OR CYBERPUNK Aeon, Trinity Continuum* Alien* Blade Runner* Code Warriors* Cybermetal 2012 Cy_Borg Cyberpunk Red Deathwatch* Death in Space* Dune* Fluxfall Horizon* Gangs of Titan City* Hard Suit* Interdimensional Shenanigans* Kosmosaurs Lancer* Light Beacon Edition* Mecha & Monsters Evolved Metamorphosis Alpha* Mothership* NOVA* Null* Paranoia Perfect Edition* Scum & Villainy* Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells* Starfinder Stars without Number* Star Trek Adventures* Star Wars D20* Terminator* Timewatch* Traveller* Warhammer Wrath & Glory* Vast Grimm Viking Death Squad POST APOCALYPTIC Apocalypse World* Atomic Punk* Barbarians of the Ruined Earth* Demon Dog* Duster* Mutant Crawl Classics* The Mutant Epoch* Mutant Year Zero, Genlab Alpha, Mechatron, & Elysium* Neon Lords of the Toxic Wasteland* Nuked!* Numenera PunkApocalyptic* Savage Worlds Rifts* Tiny Wastelands* Umerica* Zyborg Commando Resurrection Overdrive* SUPERHEROES Aberrant, Trinity Continuum* Claim the Sky* Godlike* Icons* Marvel Multiverse RPG* Masks: A New Generation* Mutant & Masterminds* Prowlers & Paragons Sentinel Comics* Tiny Supers* Wild Cards* Wild Talents* Worlds in Peril* HORROR Achtung Cthulhu* Call of Cthulhu* dark Places & demogorgons OSE version* Delta Green Hunter: The Reckoning* Monster of the Week Stay Alive* Survive This* The Dead are Coming Tiny Cthulhu* We Die Young* PULP Dicey Tales* Pulp Cthulhu ANIME BESM (Big Eyes Small Mouth)* OverArms* WESTERN Cowpunchers Reloaded* Drifters* Duster* Ghost Train* Gun & Slinger* Frontier Scum* Savage Worlds Deadlands: The Weird West* We Deal in Lead (Based on Stephen King's Dark Tower series)* Weird Frontiers STEAMPUNKISH Blades in the Dark* OTHER GENRES Apocalypse Keys* ARC: Doom* Avatar Legends* City of Mist* Coyote & Crow* Die Laughing* F.I.S.T. Gods of Metal Ragnarock* Index Card RPG* Into the Odd* Kids on Brooms* Mutants in the Next* Mythic Mortals* Pirate Borg Primal Quest* Ronin Teeth* The Job The Strange Tiny Gods* Tiny Pirates* Tiny Spies* I use an adaptation Monte Cook’s RPG Consent Checklist (pregame) and X card (in-game) as tools to craft games all players will enjoy. Session Zeroes (when needed to make characters) are FREE. I can run games 5PM until 9PM CST Monday through Saturdays.

GM style

I'm a hero enabler. Players are like the stars in a big budget movie and should feel like it. I try to help them craft sessions where they can bring their characters to life. I try to combine humor and a commitment to let the dice lie where they land. If I do my job well, players will bounce between laughing and biting their nails throughout the session. I use the Foundry VTT and Discord, as well as music and sound effects to make games more immersive and exciting. I try to do accents to make my NPCs seem more real, but my accents are terrible :) If games were movies, I’m fine running PG-13, R, or NC-17 rated games.

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