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About me

I’ve played table top games for over a decade, and have been DMing for a few years. As a kid I created fantastical worlds in my head, eventually wrote some of them down in novellas and short stories that I never shared. When I began DMing, my ultimate goal was to create my own living and breathing world. My goal was to co-build my world with my players, and allow them to inject life into concept with their backstories. This idea birthed Ataros, an arcane steampunk world in the middle of its industrial revolution. I can also specialize in Faerun based modules, and have a deep knowledge of the lore of that setting. I own every book available on DNDbeyond, and always keep my library up to date. But that isn’t all, lore and knowledge are my favorite parts of tabletop gaming, and diving into a new setting is always fun for me. I love to learn the twists and turns of the histories of the worlds I’m playing in.

GM style

I strive for character driven stories, personal conflict, and character growth. While I love combat as much as the next guy, I think that without a personal connection to the world it doesn’t mean a lot. I love the players who give my a 1-2 page outline of their characters history, whether it be their childhood, their struggles through arcane university, or the grudge they have with the butcher down the street. I throughly enjoy giving all of my players a chance to shine, and to feel like they’ve resolved their characters goal.

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