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About me

Hi there! It's me, Nikki! I am a 30 year old black/white bisexual that uses She/Her pronouns. I've been running table top games since 2013. I love running games for new and beginning players, helping them learn the system, what they can do and show them how imaginative and exciting TTRPGs can be! It started with a friend wanting to play pathfinder for the first time and he had no one to run for him and his friends. I asked him if he was cool with me running a Disney princess inspired game. The group was enthusiastic about the game idea, and now I had all these punk rock, tatted, pierced guys, playing magical princess in pathfinder. I feel in love with the games and community and never looked back. I mostly run D&D 5E with other systems, like Thirsty Sword Lesbians, For the Queen, and Pathfinder, thrown in. I'm one of the founders of SlaydiesATL, a streaming group built by and for femme presenting and nonbinary people of color, with most of our streams uploaded on to youtube under SlaydiesATL. I used to run D&D games in person at bars before the pandemic, free drop in oneshots for all experience levels as well as 5 several month to years long campaigns completed under my belt. I use safety tools in all my games, check ins, and after game talks. In my normal day to day, I'm a stay at home mom of two, supporting my loving spouse, crocheting while watching bad movies, and enjoying monster romance books. I hope to see you at my table!

GM style

I am a heavy role-play, theater of the mind GM. I prefer building worlds with rich lore and diverse npcs that players can not only interact with to their hearts content, but I encourage players to add to the worId with their characters backstory or making up small shops of npcs to meet at some of the towns they visit. I will happily pull out a wide variety of character voices, but I am no voice actor so some my start slipping into another. I love balancing out roleplay sessions with combat heavy sessions, but I like to give the players reasons for why they're clearing out a cave system or ruined castle. I always do check-ins with players, see how everyone is enjoying the session, what they want to explore and how they want their characters to grow with the world. If players enjoy it, I will have ambient music playing during the game to help set the mood for what ever adventure the players are about to experience.


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