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About me

Hey everyone, I'm Thomas! I have around 4 years of DMing experience with about 10 years of play under my belt. My first ever dnd game was in college where i played a level one life cleric in 3.5 where most of the party was already level 10, this was the night i became hooked, and also the same night the dark cleric in party cursed me with mummy rot, (which made the next following session a NIGHTMARE). I have sense became familiar with 5e and have ran two westmarches servers since!

GM style

Everything I own is on roll20, but I am not afraid to explore other options that the players prefer. I decided to give SPG a try because I want to find more friends to explore and adventure with on a more frequent basis! Most of my game style up until recently was heavily influenced upon combat which was how my party preferred. I have recently been expanding into more a more balanced style as my secondhome brewed campaign is beginnning to take off.

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