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My name is Charly, I'm 26 years old and have played 5e for about 4 years, %90 of that time as a DM. I have run games from one-shots, module adventures, several homebrew campaigns of my own creation, and everything in between. My first D&D game ever was as a DM and since then it has become my favorite thing, I really enjoy the feeling of giving a group of people an enjoyable TTRPG experience, I like to be creative with the tools that are provided to create something personal and being able to share it with others, and overall just making sure that everyone is having fun while playing at my table. Although most of my experience is with D&D and fantasy games, I would love to branch out into other genres and systems.

GM style

Roleplay level: HIGH. I enjoy Roleplaying a lot, and I have the most enjoyment when I am able to engage others in it, by giving them an outlet to let loose and interact with as many NPCs or things as they desire. That being said, it does put me on the heavy side of descriptions, mostly because I like the idea of painting a picture to the players that can hopefully be used to create an immersive experience. Combat level: MEDIUM. I like to create challenging encounters and combat situations for my players, (I don’t look for TPKs because that is easy to do), I also like to put combat encounters fairly scattered around the adventure and in situations where it makes sense or it is expected (not going to bombard you with daily random encounters during your travels). And I also like to add a little detail on the maps if needed to make the terrain and combat scenarios more interesting and more interactive. Heavy number crunching and min-maxing are not a necessity to make it through my encounters (you can do it if that is what makes combat fun for you. Pinky swear no judging). And I also like to implement Roleplay on my combats, because it gives it a little bit more flair and personality. Puzzles Level: LOW. I have to say not my strongest aspect as a DM, but I will do my best to implement some if the group is really into puzzles.

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