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About me

Three friends, somewhere around about ten years old, sit together on the bedroom floor, papers and crayons and six sided dice strewn about. One of them is frantically drawing on a large piece of paper. So far the page is covered in a hastily drawn series of dungeon corridors, two big nosed trollish looking things, and a lizard with a lions head (all of which have drawings of arrows and sword slashes criss-crossing their bodies). The other two carefully move a red and a green Parcheesi token around the newly drawn corner of the slap-dash dungeon. "A giant, fire breathing dragon roars as you round the corner! Attack!" LOL... Memories! I was that little kid, frantically drawing dungeon rooms and hallways and monsters on paper, scratching through them every time my friends 'landed an attack' and leading a completely rules-fluid but absolutely awesome "dungeons and dragons game" back in 1988... You see at that point I had seen the red box. I had a friend who's older brother owned it. But I had yet to sit down and actually play the game. Oh man but I loved that idea so much! I couldn't wait to run adventure games for my friends! Flash forward waaay too many years, I'm in my 40s now and I still love this imagination game more than any other hobby. I've run and/or played in a dozen different rule sets, at least. Off the top of my head, TSR Marvel Super Heroes, Batman the Roleplaying Game, GURPS, Vampire 2e, FIASCO, AD&D 2e, 3e, 3.5, and 5. The Wheel of Time RPG (based on d20 3.5), Star Wars 5e, Song of Ice and Fire RPG, Open Legend RPG (my current favorite system), Monster of the Week, and let's not forget gems like Crash Pandas and Honey Heist! In aggregate, I've been actively enjoying this hobby for for 33+ years at this point and I can't wait for 30 more! My wheel house is character and story development, but I throw together a good combat encounter as well! Can't wait to run a game for you!

GM style

At the core, my games are about story. The story of the world and equally importantly, the story of your characters as individuals and as a group. I tend to run a fairly balanced game between roleplay heavy and combat/tactical heavy games but if I lean one direction over the other, it is toward roleplay. I have a long background in the theater and lean heavily in to 'in character' voices for my NPCs. My combat maps are built using the amazing art assets from Epic Isometric on Patreon, typically with a LOT of customization on my end, and my players are frequently wowed by them. I am happy to run light, one-off sessions if that's what your group wants but if you want an epic story of legend, you will get one if we decide to partner together!


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