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An experienced actor, director, teacher and game master, I love the chance to craft experiences for and with my players. When we play, we create original situations and I value player expression and player choice in collaborative story telling. I love to "Yes and". I love teaching games to new players of all ages. I've run games for children as young as 6 years of age and can adjust content on the fly for the comfort and fun of players. I truly love gaming with diverse groups and want roleplaying to be available to all. Everyone is welcome at my table (provided they respect other people). Let's make something great. Let's adventure together! What I can offer you are the games I love to play: Dungeon Crawl Classics, AGON, Monster of the Week and Blades in the Dark. They are all easy to learn, offer great creative opportunities and each can be run out of one book. I will run D&D 5th, provided we use the 5e hardcore rules. Explore with me. Bring your iron rations, torches, 50 feet of rope, your trusty 10ft pole and a desire to embrace the potential of PC death as part of an adventuring life. Embrace challenge, feel glory in your success and be able to laugh at the dice when they hate your plans. Game with me in celebration of the Old School ethos. In order to win, to really win and feel like you did, there has to be a chance you could lose. Without challenges, what have your heroes really overcome? The games I offer provide opportunities for player skill to shine. Your creativity is not in "the build" but in how you play. I won't go out of my way to kill a PC, but I am against min-maxing and bubble wrapping adventurers to the point that adventures are safe. If you need to give consent for a character to die, this will be an issue. Leaving consequences like injury and death on the table is a way to make sure YOUR choices as players mean anything. Not your character class, not your PC's stats, not hyper optimized "action economy", not the math. Choices and reactions to situations beyond your control, using the tools you have in the moment are what really count. If you want to challenge yourself as a player by playing imperfect characters, doing dangerous things and snatching victory from the maw of doom, I want you in my game.

GM style

I love role play and the act of creating a story together. I love bringing the world to life for my players through voices, descriptions, and honoring player agency. I want you to feel like a hero. I want you to have epic moments and nail bitingly tense battles. I want you to have a blast. I also want you help you to allow yourself to be CREATIVE. I want you to reclaim that from a world of passivity and consuming the stories others made. I have run a lot of 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons since 2020. I'm glad that it has helped the hobby grow but, there is more to Role Playing Games than just D&D 5e. I love role playing games and want to share my favorites with you. If you are willing to go off the beaten path, I have some wonderful games to offer which are really worth your attention. I'll run 5e provided we use the 5e Hardcore mods here: I also like a good laugh and will reward you cracking me up. I can do theatre of the mind, or virtual tabletops. If "rule of cool", narrative forward play sounds good to you, then I am happy to engage with you in making that happen. I tailor my style to the group and I can play nice, or hardball, depending on what will give you, the player, a good time at the table. I trust you to give me some narrative hooks to work with and will make use of them. Let's build great stories together.

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