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"The realm is a mysterious unconquerable land filled with both the darkness of mysterious horrors and the light unquenchable thirst for adventure. Do you seek the thrill of adventure? Perhaps it is romance? Or maybe it is the need to seek out revenge? Whatever it may be, search no further, for there is a story to tell, and maybe just maybe this storyteller can speak your story just like the minstrels of old." Hiya! Most people call me Vinny and even though I am a Game Master, I prefer to simply refer to myself as a Storyteller. Every character, every npc, and every monster or villain has a story to tell and I hope that I can usher in these tales as a way to allow people to forget their woes if only for a few hours. Most if not all of my games will be run in homebrew worlds, where I can truly connect the character to a world that we build together in a way that is most fitting for each individual character. Without further ado, grab your friends, pick up your snacks, grab your favorite place on that carpet, and let me, as a storyteller, open your mind to the possibilities of a good book, and tell a story worth telling!

GM style

"Well thought out and planned campaigns. A choose your own adventure full of choices, no one way to accomplish any task. A world fully fleshed out with detailed descriptions, maps, NPCs, and conflict. A GM who works with players to create a character they want to embody. A home brew friendly dm who will balance around the player's capabilities." - A Friend of Mine. I'm terrible at describing my own Style and my first thought was to get the opinion of someone who has played in many of my campaigns. Honestly, I'm pretty laid back and I want players to have fun. I love the aspects of Roleplay, Combat, and telling the story that wants to be told. However, my style is also dependent on the players as I try to meld with them to form the storyteller that is needed.

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