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Stay awhile and listen! When I was a wee lad I played a good deal of jrpgs + mmorpgs and did my fair share of hardcore raiding. I realized, however, that what I really was after was the experience of being able to relive how awesome those adventures were: storytelling! Getting into actual plays + DnD several years back helped spark my love of GMing, and I began dabbling in improv and voice acting. Some of my favorite influences are: The Adventure Zone, NADDPOD, D20, and Worlds Beyond Number. I have been running a few custom setting tables with friends for several years alongside getting into running games on SPG. I don't mind running modules and classic stuff, but there is something refreshing about throwing all the lore out the window as well :) Feel free to reach out to discuss custom requests. Play at least 3 sessions (including zero) and receive a free character bust drawing that can serve as a custom token via @ElderidgeArt ( ) 🚨 discord preferred 🚨

GM style

We're here to tell a story - I'm here to help. If I had to choose between strict RAW or RAI, I'd rather do what feels right in the moment than bog down play. Everyone loves fast, electryifying combat but that doesn't mean it can't be deadly, dynamic, nor feature alternative resolutions or even creative improvisation. I automate a good deal of combat through Foundry as well. Games are also about collaboration and cooperation - your character should want to go on an adventure. There will be roleplay! Don't be shy about enabling your fellow players to tell their story alongside a diverse cast of NPCs that will live in the world with your characters. Please refrain from PVP, homebrew + UA content, nonstandard classes or races for the content we're playing, and party disruptive alignments. I am neurodivergent myself and my tables are open to all - this includes experience level in the hobby so please no gatekeeping and backseat driving other players. Additionally I have a zero tolerance policy for TRAASH; transphobia, racism, ableism, anti Semitism, sexism, homophobia. Ultimately I am here for YOU the players - your characters are the ones making the story happen. The descriptor of ttrpgs as collaborative storytelling is one of my favorite ways to put it! "Always sucks you into the story and makes you feel like you're a part of the world." - Chris "Very chill and beginner friendly. Ready to explain and help with any aspect of the game, from sheet layouts to spell loadouts." - Panna "The storytelling is immersive and interesting. In addition to exciting visual aids, music is often used to create different moods for each new scene. " - Emma


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