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About me

Stay awhile and listen! I go by Trevor or Shevek (he/they). Truth be told, I came to tabletop through Warhammer40k over 20 years ago and stumbled into DND along the way. Cut to me hearing some of my first actual plays: The Adventure Zone, Dungeons of Drakkenheim, NADDPOD, Dimension20, Worlds Beyond Number, Gray Hill Free Company, and Beyond the Map. It's incredibly rewarding when I'm able to share a table with folks that are having a great time creating a story together. Facets of that experience that I especially enjoy are teaching new players, theatrics and improvisation. Whether it's getting folks comfortable with the basics, extensive roleplay, or tactically challenging combat, I strive to have folks wondering if it's time for their next session already. 📯 Be sure to get at me on discord after you book!

GM style

Part of getting together at table is the steady discovery of what brings us together - these are common themes for my groups: Heavy Roleplay (60/40) - Characters work to move the story forward, but the world is dynamic as well. Stretches of RP are common with my players and the characters they meet along the way. This allows us to engage in less-than-linear stories the more we buy into the world and one another's goals. Exploration + Interaction - The destination is the journey! Groups can brainstorm a milieu of ways to engage with a situation or slink by - I always love a good plan. Skill challenges, hex crawls, opportunities to expedite that slog through the swamps on a sweet ride are never out of reach. Build friendships as you problem-solve. Gritty. Tactical. Combat. The action is snappy but not without it's nail-biting moments. Rivals, unique challenges, mastermind BBEGs and interactive environments keep tactics fresh. Social Contract ➕Collaborative play thru interactions ❌No need for PVP ✔️There's no stupid questions 🛡️ A safe and inclusive table 🏳️‍🌈 LGBTQIA+ Friendly (♾️🦋GM) VTT Experience + Assets 📜Official, 3rd party, and custom maps 🐉Much more than just your bog standard monsters 🎶Curated playlists and dynamic soundscapes 🛠️Premium DnDBeyond with all content 🛑No generative AI art/text/prompts used Overall Style 🌟Tell me about your character, not your build :) 🎞️Cinematic storytelling 🏰A dynamic, responsive world 🤝We're here to tell a story - I'm here to help! 🎯 Fights with flair, encounters that matter Community Benefits 🖼️PC portraits and custom token art 🟪Cameos in ongoing adventures 👥A community of like-minded adventurers


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