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10 years
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About me

Hail and well met! I am Serithos, a fervent enthusiast of Dungeons & Dragons and a skilled Dungeon Master with close to 11 years of experience under my belt. As a DM, I am committed to crafting immersive and captivating game worlds where players can delve into dungeons, vanquish fearsome monsters, unearth hidden treasures, and uncover epic storylines. I specialize in a mixture of roleplay and epic combat all the while creating an immersive and entertaining world and always endeavor to tailor each session to the unique interests and play styles of my players. When I am not conjuring up fantastical adventures or weaving intricate narratives, you may find me reading various books or plotting devious plot hooks for the next campaign that I have waiting in the wings. With that being said feel free to message me anytime or join the Discord server I use to run my games...

GM style

I find it best to combine both combat and roleplay in equal measure and reward players for their efforts in both.

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