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About me

I welcome players from all backgrounds, including queer, BIPOC, and neurodivergent players. As a neurodivergent person, I understand and appreciate how important small steps toward inclusion are. I'm always learning new techniques to encourage these players to flourish in my games. I enjoy running games that focus on world exploration and character-immersion, but typically set up tone and feel of games during the session 0 discussion with players. Some of my favorite games are Call of Cthulhu, The Rivers of London and Traveller. Additionally, I like to bring a noir feeling to my games. I'm also certified as a Therapeutic GM by Geek Therapeutics, a non-profit organization that provides training for geek-friendly mental health professionals and game moderators. Although, I do not offer therapeutic games through this site, I do use that training to make sure that my games for kids have a component that focuses on life-skills, such as turn-taking, preparation, empathy, and confidence. In addition, some of my games are marked as “sober”, and in these games I use my therapeutic training to create a comforting and supportive space for those who prefer not to have to address substance abuse in their games. These games are open to all, but topics around substance use and abuse will not be brought up in those games. In addition, I typically run these games on week-end evenings (in the US), to supply a social alternative to the bar scene.

GM style

This is what I emphasize in my games: A large living world: 🚙 Player characters are free to explore 🫖 NPCs interact with both the PCs and other NPCs 🗡️ Plots between NPCs Character Diversity including disabled 🦽 and queer 🌈 NPCs and PCs. Online, I try to use a VTT that eases gameplay and then gets out of the way. I chose the VTT based on the game (Foundry for games with odd dice mechanics or math heavy systems and Roll20 for most others) and try to create environments that are more than just combat maps and encourage roleplaying.


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