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Hi! I'm Reshieff and I love to run games of Dungeons and Dragons for my players! I'm an experienced DM who has run Ghosts of Saltmarsh, Tomb of Annihilation, and a few different one-shots. I have an entire Homebrew world I've worked on for about 5 years as well. With roughly 4 and a half years of experience running games for many different players and close to 100 total sessions ran, I'd have a blast having you in my games. My style as a DM is more on the RP heavy side. I love making a story with my players and love to have situations end differently based on player decision. If you can do something that I completely did not expect and it works, it makes me really happy! Despite all that, I also make sure to have combat fun and challenging. I also create my own maps and enjoy making them for games, especially my Homebrew world. I have created the maps for every region and am working on a map for every city as well. Please contact me if you have any questions!

GM style

I love Roleplay and players who really get into their characters and the world. I do my best to really make the game immersive and fun for my players in it. I'm not the best with character voices but I do my best with giving every character NPC their own voice to give them a distinct persona. Players can expect combat that is challenging and interesting. I don't throw tons of enemies at you, but instead a select few with many different factors, such as environmental and situational factors. A battle with a Goblin Chief and his clan can get very interesting when you introduce the burrows and traps that they may have set up beforehand to defend against plucky adventurers. Though combat won't be as often as you would expect from a DM who has more of a focus on giving regular combat encounters to players, the combat I do throw at you will be fun, challenging, and interesting!

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