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Want a game where your choices matter? I am an adaptable thinker that is fair on game rulings but also want to let you RP while moving the story forward. I have been playing TTRPGs since the latter half of 2014 and started GMing in 2016. I focus on my player having fun and giving meaning to their dissension. My GMing style focuses on the reasons behind actions and the far-reaching influence that high-level people have in the world.

GM style

Some notes about my games: The Tech - I generally use Foundry VTT and Discord for my games. I will work with you if you are new to this free to you, as a player. Player Agency - It's important that players know that their choices matter. The game environment will change and react to the player's actions from minute to minute, and session to session. Improve - I prep adventures but I am totally willing to bend them to your choices. Have a grandma that could know what you need but she does not admit you are a better tea-maker than her. Let's dive into that scene. Tactical maps - I favor tactical maps for combat, but for simple or high-energy cinematic encounters I put that aside for Theater of the Mind. Laughter - The game is all about laughing with/at your friends! (even the ones you haven't met yet...) Above all else I want you to have fun.


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