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About me

Hello! My name's Juni, and I love telling stories and playing games. I've been leading groups on exciting adventures for over a decade, and I've worked with players of all ages and skill levels. I do my best to emphasize having fun over stressing about rules. When I'm your Game Master, here's what you can expect: ➢ Creative and very animated storytelling ➢ Subtle pop culture and anime references ➢ Impressive Mental gymnastics 🌴 Would you rather try talking to the tree instead of fighting it? Give it a shot. 🐲 Do you think the dragon might be interested in joining your group in some business venture? There's only one way to find out! 🤔 What kind of game do you want to play? ✨📃✨ Here is a list of a few adventures and game systems I can offer you. If you don't see the adventure or system you're interested in, please let me know, and we'll see what we can make happen. 👇 👇 👇 ○D&D 5e • Lost Mine of Phandelver ⛏️ • Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden ❄️ • Candlekeep Mysteries 🕯️ • Adventures through the Domains of Dread (Ravenloft) 😨 • Strixhaven 🏫 • Wild Beyond the Witchlight 🧚 • Mythic Odysseys of Theros 🐏 • Curse of Strahd (Traditional or Variant) 🦇 • Rise of Tiamat 🐉 • and MORE! ○Power Rangers RPG 🔴🔵⚫🟣🟡🟢 ○Powered by the Apocalypse 🎲 ○Lasers & Feelings 🔫💗 ○Blades in the Dark 🗡️ 🕶️ ○Honey Heist 🍯 Get in touch today to schedule your next game night! **(Great option for Family Game Nights, Friend Hangouts, Teambuilding Workshops, and New Players!)**

GM style

✅New Player Friendly, ✅Easygoing, ✅Fun 😀 I adjust to the comfort level of the group. I encourage everyone to try everything. Never be afraid to ask questions. 🤔 "Will it work? There's only one way to find out!" 🧙 Roleplaying is encouraged but never expected.


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