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Hi, I'm Niki DelValle (Any/All). I've been playing tabletop and board games for about 7 years and GMing Pathfinder 2E for 5 of them. I also used to run a YouTube channel, I've written four genuinely terrible novels, and I've been procrastinating on anything else I'm up to for years. My day job is rideshare driving, and that gives me the flexibility to pursue my passion: GMing Pathfinder. I've always been driven by a desire to tell stories, especially character-driven ones. What has made GMing more interesting and rewarding for me than traditional writing is having an obligation to my players to stop me from swapping projects midway through, and also by the dynamism other people and their characters inject to keep things interesting and unpredictable. I'm also a bit of a perfectionist so I enjoy creating the types of games that I wish I could play in. That is, I enjoy games that have stiff difficulty but respect the investment I put in my character, I enjoy games with high production values including tailored maps and music and diverse effort-filled voices that bring all of the NPCs to life, I enjoy interesting and deep subsystems and characters, and I enjoy games where I can be free to bring my heroic fantasies to life. I also enjoy games which represent people who don't get their due much in media - which is very important to me as a pansexual, autistic, and polyamorous pangender person - and where I have the freedom to get a little spicy. Predictably, these are all of the things you can expect by playing with me! My games are dense and filled with things to learn, but they reward your time and investment with an experience and depth of character you won't get from anyone else. That's a guarantee, or your money back!

GM style

My games focus on the story, on encouraging and rewarding strong roleplaying with a setting that feels alive with interesting, dynamic, and complex characters and a world that feels rich with history, reactive to your decisions, and all-around immersive with some time taken on the little everyday interactions that other games tend to skip over. My games also focus on creating consistently tough and memorable combat encounters that respect the effort you put into your characters such that while character death is a possibility, if it happens it'll always feel right. I also prioritize making sure my games feel extremely unique. Whether I'm running a homebrew adventure or something published, the experience you have with the content will be something extensively tailored and fleshed out. My attention to detail extends to my extensive use of homebrew rules that tweak content and mechanics to add depth, make the game more fun, and give you reasons to engage with the game both on and off the table. I'm a very hands-on, passionate GM and the experience of my games is one you won't find anywhere else, guaranteed. As an aside, as an autistic, pangender, and polyamorous GM you can of course expect me to be heavily welcoming. My games are also sex positive and diverse, as well as open to going in darker directions. This is all part of the unique experience I offer at my table!

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