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About me

Professional D&D DM for over 20 years. I have an extensive map and miniature collection as well as an active imagination and a fully inclusive policy. I prefer to play in person, but have figured out how to maximize the experience virtually. I run full campaigns. Do you have a mod you've always wanted to play? Want to explore Undermountain or Ravenloft, play in a fully customized campaign or one that is fully home brewed...? I bring players from all over the world together to play an immersive game. Sometimes there will be multiple sessions without a ‘combat’ and sometimes a single ‘combat’ might take up multiple sessions. My current party has been playing for almost a year together with no end in sight. Regardless if you're brand new to the game or have been playing for awhile I'll be able to assist you in all your gaming needs.

GM style

I am completely flexible to individual play styles. Not everyone wants to role-play every scenario out while others can spend hours haggling a shop keeper. Some want to talk their way through an encounter, while others want to play an intriguing tactical chess match. I like to combine both in a way that caters to the players at my table. Balancing time between players where needed is the hardest and most satisfying part of being a DM. Regardless of your personal role-playing style, I will always be in character with a goal of the players knowing who they are speaking to without having to ask because they recognize accents, hand gestures or catch phrases. Let us quest together and see where your story will lead!


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