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About me

Hi folks, my name is Moss and I'm a teacher in Victoria, BC. I've been playing D&D since I was a kid growing up on a pagan island in the Pacific Northwest (my name alone should tell you that I was raised by druids and squirrels.) But I've had the most fun with D&D in the past decade, where just about every game I've played has involved me teaching someone how to play. I find nothing more satisfying than helping people learn how to play games, and whether I've been DM'ing for a local high school D&D club, playing Mouseritter with my 4 and 7 year old kids, roping my wife into an 18 month Curse of Strahd campaign, or designing an escape room in the vineyard where I taught wine appreciation classes, I have plenty of experience guiding people through fun and creative experiences. My games are light, accessible, and welcoming for any player of any skill level. I sincerely hope that you'll be one of them.

GM style

I run an inclusive game where every player's character gets a chance to shine. The most important thing to me is for everyone to feel satisfied with a session - to that end I always strive to understand what my players are looking for, and to provide it (whether it's turning the screws on a meaty combat, or spending an hour in diceless roleplaying.) I do a lot of prep, and have no qualms about abandoning all of it to follow a player's lead. I love creating NPCs, doing voices, and improvising through dialogues. For combat encounters though, I always do my homework and try to make every battle count, with multi-faceted encounters that always carry stakes. No stand-and-deliver in a featureless 20x20 room here! I do enjoy running boxed adventures, but usually start rewriting them after the first couple sessions to best match my party and players. (Can you believe that Curse of Strahd, as written, doesn't have a single mad scientist? For shame.)

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