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About me

Hello there! My name is Miss or Doc and I've been in the dice rolling scene for over 20 years now. I grew up on 3.5 at a young age and learned most of my math by rolling dice and trading cards. For several years I played primarily at shops, getting in as many games as I could before I started to transition into the role of GM as I actually stared my foray into the other side of the screen with Pathfinder 1e. It wasn't too long after I started DMing at local shops and for small groups, and was converted over to 5e, a system that has proved easy to pick up and fun to master. Since then I've taught friends and family to play the game, assisted with homeschooling programs to teach children how to play, ran educational games, and ran any type of game whenever possible online since the pandemic. I am enjoying the tools, resources and freedoms of online DMing. While I'm still getting used to not having players in front of me, throwing food and dropping dice on the floor for me to step on, I do my best to create that same environment online by engaging in having a small, cohesive community for each of my games. So regardless of what you are looking for; a fun, family adventure through the D&D multiverse, a scary, spicy game of Curse of Strahd for your "grown-ups'" group, are looking to learn to play with a friendly and knowledgeable DM or anything in-between, I've got you!

GM style

As your DM, I try to provide the best experience to my players by giving them a living, breathing world that reacts to their choices, characters, and words. NPC don't wait in set locations, staring blankly at the sun until you arrive, but instead have lives and a story to share same as you. While a campaign will never be derailed due by this, you may find that as your days progress the events of the world do shift around you. I personally love the Roleplaying side of the game as a player. I also love to engage players with and in roleplay throughout sessions that I lead. I find this allows myself and the players to truly shape the world around them and illustrate a gaming experience that is fun and memorable for all. Furthermore I enjoy a collaborative world-building experience, allowing my players freedom to make adjustments to things that might support their character more. For example; if you the only Drow in the party, you may get to decide how rare they are and details about their culture! I encourage all players to make things yours and accept most homebrew to allow your creativity to shine. I am happy to help with any part of the character creation process to best facilitate that as well. You'll never have to be in the driving seat of my games, but you and your party will pick the places we stop, the radio station and even give directions. You'll love the extras I put into my games! I am great at different voices, I truly enjoy breathing life into characters this way. My combat style is varied and I am open to the wants of the party while ensuring that all players styles are recognized and voices are heard. I work to ensure that no matter what style of game you are looking for, you'll find engagement within each session, ranging from combat, puzzles, tense exploration, political plots, conversational challenges, and so much more.


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