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About me

I'm an Eberron and Golarion enthusiast who has been running tabletop adventures, creating new worlds, and telling stories for parties of all sizes for the last two decades. I adore the vibes of gathering players around a table (virtually as of late) and pulling out the theatrics to bring curious, memorable NPCs around the players to life. Enjoy character voices and battle sound effects? Well, aren't you in for a treat! In the past I've primarily run adventures for veteran players; however, in more recent years I have started bringing more new players to my table and have had an absolute blast teaching them all about D&D 5E and Pathfinder 2E. Seeing a new player find their niche and bring joy to the party is the ultimate goal. I also employ a bit of "shiny" distraction in the way of high-production battle encounters and roleplaying scenes. From animated battle maps and spell-casts to dynamic lighting, sounds, and music, you can be assured you'll be immersed in the scene even from behind the monitor.

GM style

What should you expect from a session at my table? 📜Richly developed narrative in a living, breathing world involving your character's backstory and space for you to tell their ongoing stories together. ⚔ Intense encounter design encouraging players to find clever solutions or create memorable character beats. 🎥High-quality productions including vibrant battle maps with sound and music tailored to the game. 🎙 A flair of the dramatic and some silly NPC voices to boot! 💖An accepting and caring place to be you. My table is a safe space for all queer, BIPOC, neurodivergent, and disabled players. ❓A table where asking questions is encouraged. 🤝A home for both new and old players to come and adventure.


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