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About me

I'm a DM with over 7 years of experience running DnD 5e and have made the switch to Pathfinder 2e! I have run numerous one shots and full campaigns, including a homebrew campaign set in Lamordia. I pride myself on detailed, in depth worlds full of rich history and chances to influence the world in whatever way the players want! I have had the pleasure of running for players from US, Canada, France, Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines. I like to think that gathering such different perspectives has helped me round out my experiences with influences from varied cultures from all over the world. I run games on FoundryVTT and enjoy anything from hack n slash dungeon crawls to eldritch horror to intrigue. I run a Session Zero to make sure that I know what the expectations and desired story beats are for each player and will do my best to incorporate their back stories into the game. I'm confident that I can create a game that will suit your preference! I am available for questions any time so please let me know if you have any. Thank you!

GM style

I like a balance between RP and combat and generally try to give some of both in each session. I thrive off of creating situations with real consequences to the game world. I enjoy creating NPC groups and guilds with motivations and goals without clear cut "good" or "evil" among them. This lets the party choose to support or fight one or another or forge their own path ahead. Even random encounters will have a sense of purpose and story to them as I don't find throwing random monsters at a party to be very interesting. I run a mostly RAW game but I allow players to be creative and push those limits if it makes sense in the game. I can run anything from punishing grinds to swashbuckling hero fantasies. I enjoy working with players during their character creation to make sure that their character has a place in the world and like to give them a chance to develop their backstory with NPCs to support it that will appear in game. I enjoy teaching new players and hope that you find a home in one of my games!

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