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About me

Hello, my name is Kat! I have been playing TTRPGs for seven years now, and have loved telling stories stretching back even further. My background: I have a background in writing, and a little bit of drama as well. But nothing I did before captures how great it is to tell a story with a good group of people all together. Character driven games are my expertise, and I want every player to feel like they're key to the story we're crafting together. I love political intrigue, suspense, and social adventures especially where I can really bring out these elements and make them shine. Weaving together backstories into the plot and seeing their impact on the world and events is probably my favorite aspect of the game.

GM style

At the core of my DM philosophy, your characters matter, their story matters, and what they do will matter regardless of what the outcome will be. I believe that TTRPGs are a unique medium for communal storytelling, and coming from a storytelling background more than a wargaming background that is the aspect I am always most excited to highlight. I want to work one on one with each player on crafting a character that fits well with the story, world, and tone while allowing creative freedom for unique ideas. As such, I focus a lot on weaving in player narrative with NPC and world narrative, in a way where they complement each other. Combat heavy games are not my focus, but creating interesting encounters that complement the storytelling and setting are something I enjoy! Often with custom made content to keep you guessing at what'll be around the next corner. I also love lore, and weaving it into the setting, plot-lines, and general atmosphere to make it feel like you're playing in a living, breathing, and expanding world that isn't only moving while in front of the party. My social circle is full to the brim with diverse individuals, and this can and will bleed into my game world. Hate has no place at my table. Period. I do a lot of advocacy work as well in my day to day life, and this often bleeds into my DMing. I want to create nuanced, diverse stories and a welcoming environment for players of all backgrounds. Keeping a well running, safe table is important to me. I value communication and mutual respect. If you have problems or concerns, we will talk about them like mature adults and try our best to find a solution. You treat your fellow players and me with human decency, and everyone agrees to follow a shared social contract not to be an ass to each other. I find 99% of problems at tables stem from not being clear about expectations and pushing for clear communication around a table, and I'm very proud to say that this is an area I've learned to excel at.

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