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About me

Join our campaign's Discord! Open chat all the time. Everyone welcome to check out our games and our gaming community. In 1982, I received the Basic D&D Box as a Christmas present. One of my friends in school had played his with me and I knew I had to have my own. I was DMing for my dad having him roll up a character the very next night. I’ve been DMing for 41 years. My current campaign has been going for 36 years, with the campaign continuity continuing through high school, college, graduate school, and several different states and cities I’ve lived in. Players have had their characters rule countries, become gods, wage wars, travel through time enough to paradox their own lives, gotten married, had kids, played the next generations of kid characters, and run businesses in-world. In the past couple of years of pro-DMing, I’ve heard new, young players tell me, more than once, “I didn’t even know you could play the game like that.” Let’s change that! Currently filling out tables for a 36-years running campaign of D&D (OSR Ruleset) (see description of campaign in next paragraph) with openings for other games upon request for Savage Rifts, SCP Universe, Warhammer 40k, Star Wars d6 (Legends Universe), Star Trek, Stargate, and Dr. Who. Tables forming on Discord for weeknights and weekends. Long term ,classic ongoing one-shots, no self-contained story arcs, truly open ended in the classic RPG style. One thing I’ve noticed over the years is that the classic, long-term style of play, of world-building through the years together with the imaginations of DMs and players synergizing into long-term, classic campaign play has been largely lost in a modernized industry of one-shots and one story arc, once and done, short term campaigns that leave characters behind with lots of life left in them and stories waiting to be told. I've been DMing for my friends since I was 11 and now I'm 52. I've seen all the editions of D&D as well as many other games, game worlds, and play styles. I DMed through high school, college, and post-college adult life. I'm a published author of 4 novels, 2 short stories, and 2 children's books. I've been a high school science teacher for 16 years. In 41 years, I've run almost every D&D world ever published, Star Wars, Star Gate, Marvel Super-heroes, DC Super-heroes, Shadowrun, and Rifts, as well as the world of my own novels.

GM style

In one word, my style is "immersion". If we're playing DC or Marvel, I want you to feel like you're in the pages of the comics or on the movie screen. If we're doing Star Wars, I want you to hear the blaster bolts. If it's a fantasy world, I want to capture the essence of that world lore for you so in Forgotten Realms, you really feel like you might meet Drizzt Do'urden, in Dominaria, you feel like your character might be on an MTG card, or in Ravenloft, you feel like there really are horrors lurking that could get you if you're not careful. That's what I do. I absorb entire universes into my brain and then act as your living RPG game engine to rez that world for you. In 2019, I absorbed Dominaria lore from Magic The Gathering (starting with a YouTube video called "The History of Dominaria in 12 Minutes" and then reading several MTG novels) and ran a campaign last summer for a lifelong Magic player who said I could completely project him into the world of MTG after I had only studied the lore for a week. My favorite story about my DMing was the time I was chosen at the last moment by an anime/otaku con to GM a Power Rangers for-charity game at which the voice actor for Lord Zedd would be at the table since he was a convention guest. I knew nothing about Power Rangers since I was already in my late 20s when they first came out. I didn't grow up with them. However, thanks to the power of the internet and caffeine, I gave myself an 8-hour crash course in the history of the entire franchise's universe so that I could immerse players that had paid charity auction prices for their seats at the table as if I was someone who had known Power Rangers universe lore all my life. The players had all been children growing up with it and they all thought I had known their lore all along, too. Where do you want me to send YOU?


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