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About me

Hi, I'm Josh! I am a librarian*, poet and writer in my everyday life. These experiences inform how I plan and run my games. My style is very player-focused, new-kid-friendly, and story-driven. As a librarian, I have had the privilege to run games professionally for adults, grade school kids, and teens, specializing in adventures for kids and new players to the hobby. I also moderate a Discord server for The Expanse RPG called Doors and Corners, where I have been known to run one-shots and Ship Combat simulators. I have been playing TTRPGs since I was a kid and it has become a lifelong passion. I have over a decade of experience playing TTRPGs, with most of it GMing long-running games for friends and family, as well as running one-shot games as team-building exercises for coworkers and other groups. *Disclaimer: While I reference my position as a librarian several times here, and play it up as an aspect of my public persona, it should be noted that when I run games on this website, I am NOT acting as an agent or representative of any library or educational institution.

GM style

I had an AI write this Section, based on nothing but my players' reviews: "Hi there! My name is Josh, and I'm a GM who prides himself on creating inclusive and accommodating gaming experiences for all players. I believe that it's essential to open up a dialogue with my players to get to know them better and understand what they want from their gaming experience. From there, I can tailor the adventure to their specific interests and comfort levels. I'm passionate about world-building and storytelling and have a knack for moving the spotlight around to ensure that everyone is having fun. Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting, I'll make sure you're comfortable and having a great time. One of my core values is patience, and I'm always happy to take the time to explain the rules and mechanics of the game. I know that real-life commitments can be unpredictable, so I work hard to provide a consistent schedule and create a friendly atmosphere that accommodates everyone's needs. When it comes to game systems, I'm a knowledgeable GM who enjoys explaining how things work and creating immersive environments. I'm adaptable and love it when players throw curveballs my way; it keeps things interesting and adds a unique twist to the adventure. Above all, my top priority is making sure every player feels included, regardless of their experience level, race, gender, or sexual orientation. I'm committed to creating a safe and welcoming space where everyone can have fun, and I take pride in making sure every player feels they've gotten their money's worth." Hmm...not bad, AI. Not bad at all. If that sounds like what you're looking for in a GM, hit me up. Adventures I have at the ready (dates/prices negotiable): One Shot Club (One Shot Series, first game: Risus: The Anything RPG) The Boarding School for Wayward Wizards (Kids on Brooms 6 Session Campaign) Oops! All Bards (D&D 5e One Shot) Example From Eros (The Expanse RPG One Shot)


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