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About me

Mostly GMing for the last 30 years, I've had more ideas than I could ever get to the table. Hopefully, this will be a chance to get a few of them out of my head! I tend towards story-focused games that incorporate player input and plot threads, ranging from comedic tones to horrific ones. A student of myth, history, and true crime, I try to layer in some of the complexities that show up more in reality than in most published games - the forces of good and evil trend more towards the gray spaces in between, even the worst villains may have the best of motivations, and people are shaped by their pasts as much as their place in the story. I find it's a mindset that helps give a bit more depth to the world, and makes things feel a little more epic when done right.

GM style

I tend to run story-focused games with thoroughly developed worlds surrounding the game's subject matter. I try to focus on allowing a variety of rules content and letting my players run the character they want to run, even if that's just a smidge outside of the rules-as-written. In particular, what I usually enjoy the most is trying to incorporate those characters and their personal stories into whatever the larger story is, even if that means retooling major portions of a pre-written campaign in order to fit the new parts in. So if you've got a character you've wanted to play, but never had a GM who was willing to let you run your half-fiend wildebeest necromancer/paladin... well, I haven't heard that one before, but I'm certainly open to give it a shot!

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