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About me

Hi, I'm Jessie and I wanna run your next game! If you crave silly voices, non-traditional adventures, and puzzles, I'm your girl. You can count on a reliable game every time with enthusiastic players and an over-the-top game master who's a total drama queen. I've run over a thousand games, so I'm comfortable with players of all skill levels. These tables are a safe space. Player experience is extremely important: you're not going to feel unsafe or uncomfortable at the table due to clear expectations and a zero-tolerance policy for harassment or discrimination. Are you ready to take the first step of your next adventure? I'm available for private bookings starting at $40/hour. Custom adventures are a passion. Let's talk!

GM style

I'm an improv-heavy game master who follows the game model of playing to discover what happens, even when a story is ready to go. Players are encouraged to contribute to the narrative and world. Roleplay is encouraged but never enforced; play to your comfort level. I love off-the-wall mashups, cute moments, and unique settings. My games often reference Nintendo, anime, and pop culture. I'm all about queer stories, inclusive themes, and non-violent solutions. If that doesn't sound interesting, you won't like my games. On the other hand, if the idea of a Strixhaven time loop based on Community's paintball episode and Majora's Mask sounds fun, it was. So were Teenage Mutant Ninja Tortles in Ravnica, Coruscant: Holocron Heist, Battle Royale: Valachan, and dozens of other loving crafted unique adventures.

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