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Do you long for character growth that you can sink your teeth into? Do you enjoy settings which are crafted to be as true to their historical or mythological inspiration as possible? Would you be interested in bringing a "old school" hard edge into more modern, playable games? Do you get excited when crpg developers talk about "choices and consequences?" Do you want to experience deep game setting immersion? I am a long-time veteran of tabletop rpgs. I began playing in the early 90s, have explored hundreds of different systems, and am a true believer in synthesis of what made the older games magical and what makes the newer games reach a wider audience.

GM style

If you like immersion, you just hit the jackpot. I am a history nut who deep dives into the strings behind the scenes in modern fantasy and science fiction literature. I explore the underlying mythological and historical influences, and craft deep, believable settings which are targeted the way novels are to hit certain narrative and subtextual notes. I am a veteran of TTRPGS. I have been playing since the 90s, and have been GMing most of that time. I've explored hundreds of worlds and games, from A World of Darkness to Star Wars. I grew up in a different time for the hobby, and bring some of the magic that has been lost with streamlining along with me. I know my tools. I bake Ludo narrative consonance into each module, each api, even, if i can, the layout of character sheets. My goal is for you to nearly forget that we are playing pretend. I like my plots to be layered and complex. I like moral choices to tie the player's stomach up in knots. I like for an adventure to have changed the player's character tangibly, and I do not mean just by adding experience points and loot.

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