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Hello there. I'm Terenal, I've been running games in roleplay settings for about sixteen years now and transitioned over to D&D back in 2014. I particularly favor a good balance of story, roleplay and combat at my table and strive long and ♂hard♂ to make PCs feel tied-in to the story. That being said, I own most of the modules by sheer impulse but haven't played most of them and would love to explore these adventure modules with a new group of people. I enjoy homebrewing, so I may throw you a story curveball that subverts your expectations and leaves you excited for another session. I also have a community best used to keep up with what's being hosted and when, for easy reference.

GM style

I love roleplay and story-heavy segments. I feel like combat can be random ambushes and sudden encounters, but it's all the best when it's seasoned with a good reason to fight. I don't much enjoy too much PvP because most TTRPGs aren't designed for them. I will ask the party at the beginning of the session if they would prefer voice acting or text-based DMing. I may sometimes composite these for voices I cannot perform. I also utilize soundtrack and ambience bots for maximum immersion.

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