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“Axel jumps on the table and slashes wildly at the mob boss. Wallace, dangling by one foot in the rafters, orders the hidden archers to begin firing. Brother Nearal, on radiant wings, bursts through the second story window; firing blue bolts of eldritch blast at the thugs. As the mobsters retreat to the nearest open window, a massive algae-covered king crab (Todo, our wildshaped druid) orders legions of crabs to claw them, slowing them. Top of the round!" - Crabber’s Cove Ambush: A snapshot of my favorite combat from an improvised downtime activity quest in my Ghosts of Saltmarsh game. I've been running Dungeons and Dragons since I was thirteen: Mom's basement, my buddies from marching band, and countless laughs and memories. I fell in love with the unpredictable nature of the communal story; the laughs, strange solutions, and unforgettable heroes we wove with our words. I'll always cherish those adventures. I'm a passionate storyteller, a classically-trained theatre actor, and a life-long fan of fantasy. It all began with D&D. My interests, passions, and training make my games collaborative, personalized, and free-flowing. I haven't written a novel that you have to march through; I'm here to explore, play, and work together with the party on a unique adventure and fantastical setting! I have a framework, but I'm excited to see where your characters will take it. With me, story comes from the characters. It spirals out from their desires, fears, and choices. I have experience with improv, collaborative storytelling, theatre, and a lifelong love of fantasy, history, psychology, and philosophy. These have prepared me to help guide your characters to a personal, exciting, and unique adventure! Twelve years ago my journey started. And over that time I've based my life around storytelling. I'm a professional stage, camera, and voice actor, a soon-to-be published author, and a professional dungeon master. I can't wait to play with you!

GM style

If your favorite games include: 🎭 Role-Play 🎥, 🕺Improvisation💃, 🗣Clear Communication 💬, 🧙‍♂️Memorable Characters🐉 Where creativity 🤯 and collaboration 🤝 are always rewarded, I'm your guy D&D is my favorite kind of theatre. I love players that are clever, in-character, and willing to take risks for the sake of a great story. I work to create an environment where everyone has their turn in the spotlight, players are molding the story, and things get strange and spectacular! I tailor my stories closely to the characters you bring to the table. I like working with players to tie their characters deeply into the narrative: They're the main characters after all. As such, their decisions ought to matter, their actions should shape the game world, and they are telling the story just as much as I am. I'm happy to work with beginners and veterans alike! I'm loose on rules, big on collaboration, and a disciple of The Rule of Cool 😎 If it's cool and it fits your character, it's allowed. No other medium captures adventure, community, and creativity quite like D&D. I hope we can tell an amazing story together!


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