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Welcome one and all, to my profile! I think I'm a pretty fantastic person to be around and the world's okayest DM. But seriously. I am a professional Dungeon Master! I run a different D&D game almost every night of the week and I have TWO games in need of players! First session is always free! 🎟️Please apply in the application link below!🎟️ The following information goes for ALL of my games! Requirements/playstyle: ❤️New players are welcome! ❤️Your Backstory Matters! Did your character wake up with amnesia? Is someone after you? Did your clan exile you to wander the realm until you restore your name? All of it matters! I tie in your backstory, derail the campaign for backstory related side quests, and make sure that you really feel like this is a world you belong to, not one you've just been dropped into. This is a roleplay heavy game and I am always seeking serious, creative players who appreciate a good story on top of the thrill of kicking the door in and killing on sight! Other/more info: 💸 This is a PAID GAME: I am a full time DM and use the money from my games to fund my bills, my many subscriptions for VTT's, map making, and the occasional pizza delivery. I charge $100 monthly. This is around $25/session. ♿️I am Disabled and all of my games are Disability/Neurodivergent friendly! I am always willing to provide any kind of accommodations as long as I am able! 🏳️‍🌈I am here, I am queer, and all of my games are LGBTQIA+ Friendly!

GM style

I run a roleplay heavy game! Your backstory CAN and WILL be used against you, regardless of whether we are running a pre-written module or a homebrew campaign! If you leave plot-holes in your backstory, I will use it! The worlds I run are dynamic. NPC's have lives, merchants may not always be there to sell you things, things can happen to your family, your friends, and your tribe as you move along your adventures. I am seeking serious, creative players who appreciate a good story on top of the thrill of kicking the door in and killing on sight! I use theater of the mind for many scenarios and only pull out a map when combat is necessary unless of course you find yourself in a dungeon crawl! MY VOICE CAN BE CAPTIONED! I will try to accommodate Deaf/HoH participants to the best of my ability by sending a link to my captions. I will do my best to repeat pertinent information and provide commentary. I RUN GAMES FOR DISABLED PEOPLE! I am disabled and a Disability Advocate. and run games for people of all support levels during games! Any accommodations that can be provided, will be provided.

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