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About me

⚾ full-time jock, full-time nerd ♟️ I'm everything your parents warned you about: a horror writer, a punk rock guitarist, and a Philadelphia sports superfan. I started roleplaying through diceless play-by-post forums, which taught me how to "play to find out." My goal as a game master is to give my characters a world where it feels like their choices truly matter. There is no predetermined ending to my games, only the story that you and I tell together. My campaigns offer immersive environments in the form of ambient sound and music, high-quality custom maps, and animated effects to accompany your spells and attacks. At the same time, I have an affinity for meta storytelling, and I'm known to crack a joke about the whims of the disembodied voice controlling the world. I use the rules of the game as scaffolding, approaching from a position of, "What equipment, abiliites, and rolls might, if successful, let you do that?" As a member of the LGBTQ+ and neurodivegent communities, my tables are a safe space for everyone, regardless of race, color, gender, orientation, age, religion, and ability. Games are available by private commission, with higher rates for homebrew or custom campaigns. I take players of all experience levels, especially those willing to learn new game systems such as Blades in the Dark, Monster of the Week, or Shiver.

GM style

STYLE 💖 Welcoming atmosphere for players of all levels ⚖️ Rules mastery across systems, including rule of cool 🎭 Player choices that change the course of the story 🎙️ Dynamic NPCs with individual voices and motivations ⚔️ High-stakes tactical combat... and social encounters 🎉 Your character's number one cheerleader 🏒 Pre-game chatter about sports, punk music, and Philly SOFTWARE 🤖 Boosted, modded, and moderated Discord server 🖥️ High-speed Foundry server hosted by Molten 🎲 Roll20 game rooms with official game system support 🐉 Master-level D&D Beyond subscription 🎵 Music and ambience through Syrinscape and Tabletop Audio RESOURCES 📋 A full suite of D&D Beyond character options 🧱 Character-building tools for other game systems 📚 PDF copies of official rulebooks and supplements 🗺️ Custom game maps, animated tokens, and ambient music 👩‍🏫 Weekly office hours and a support ticket system for questions


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