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About me

Hello! My name is Andrew, I started D&D about 8 years ago as I had a passion for writing and a love for fantasy. I primarily play 5e as its the system I feel the most knowledgeable in and is a great starting point for new players. I primarily enjoy writing my own stories, from worlds that I've created myself to custom stories in the worlds of literature you already love. My writing style is inspired by comedies, old fantasy novels, and anime. As such, I have developed a mix between roleplaying and combat, deep roleplay with lots of story lore and information to get into with deeply intertwined backstories to make you feel a part of the world is what I enjoy most, The combat is very strategic, high fantasy encounters that will leave you feeling every moment of the fight. Roleplay style: My roleplay style uses different speech patterns and phrases to captivate my characters, I am not a voice actor, and while I may do the occasional silly voice here and there, It will not be what I'm offering for the entire campaign. Combat style: I believe in go hard or go home when it comes to combat, no more everyone just standing around waiting to be hit, you will feel like you are in an active world. You hit an orc barbarian with your monks fist of flurry? You jump towards the orc with pure tenacious spirit, as the orc swings his axe, you smash the hilt with your palm causing his weapon to fly back over his head, with his arms now suspended you smash his chest and uppercut his jaw before he has time to react. This kind of combat narration leads to cinematic and on the edge of your seat experiences Story: the stories are all written by me, I don't use chat gpt or other AI programs to help with narration or backstories, you can expect 100% genuine stories from me. VTT: Over the years I have experimented with different virtual tabletops and have found a love for foundry vtt, with all the extra tools, I can really make my maps come to life in a way I couldn't before. I pay for a monthly server to guarantee great connection to the game from anywhere. All you need is a stable internet connection and a web browser to join! Art: While I do not rely on AI for my stories, My skills as an artist are are a different story, I am not an artist and as such I rely on Midjourney to create all my D&D art. You can check them out here Maps: I create all of my maps using dungeon alchemist, to ensure that each map is unique and created exactly to match the story and environment, experience custom well made maps to explore and find the secrets within Discord: I use discord for my voice chats, while video chat is optional, I typically always video chat as I find body language can be a great explanator to people, however if a group is more comfortable going no video chat, I can do strictly voice chat as well. Pricing: I charge $17USD/person for a 2 hour game or $20/person for a 3 hour game or $25/person for 4 hour games for custom requests. If you wish to contact me and learn more, or if you have any questions. You can message me through

GM style

My gm style is a mix between tactical combat and roleplaying! -Fight in epic narrative battles, inspired by anime, we are here to deal damage, when you fight, expect off the rails combat encounters and epic fight scenes that's sure to leave a lasting impression! -Roleplay with a cast of dynamic characters! Every character has a backstory, a want, something they are working towards, whether its the maid at the local inn, a great knight lost to time, or just that random man crossing the street. Expect the world to react and interact with you in every encounter! -High Magic! Whats the fun in fighting the best if YOU aren't the best? Thats why I run all my games with that in mind! Expect loads of magic items, special teamwork attacks and abilities that evolve as you play them! -A story is only as good as its cast! I believe that D&D is a group storytelling experience and as such, I always implement backstories into my game. No need to feel out of place, as I make sure your backstory fits with the game! -I run all my games on foundry VTT using the Forge servers! -Custom maps are made using Dungeon Alchemist - I am not an artist, so I use Midjourney Ai Art for my characters. - I specialize in homebrew stories, and as such I can create an adventure for any era or environment, I can take specialized one shot requests or even special homebrew campaigns! Message me through start playing for any inquiries or email me at

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