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TLDR: Seasoned DM has extensive experience creating LGBTQIA+ safe games for players of all ages and play styles. Amanda Leftridge (dubbed DungeonMom back in 2015 after a brief hiatus) played their first game of Dungeons and Dragons in 2012, and has spent the last several years hells-bent on creating a safe play space for people of pretty much every shape, size, age, play style, and disposition. She has dedicated more than 100 hours to Adventurer's League as a player and DM, and was hired by her local game shop to run the desk for it in late 2018. In addition to coordinating a variety of events for the shop and representing them with over 30 hours of DMing during one convention weekend, she gleefully ran monthly introductory one-shots for new players. After many, many one-shots, 2 long-running campaigns, and more than a year in her position at the shop, things changed. The pandemic shut the world down and she moved across the country, leaving them with little choice but to transition away from strictly analogue game-play and into the online community. Since then she has been hired by her new local game shop to DM for Adventurer's League and Premier D&D Events. She also DM'd for the Women+ Virtual Convention and has become modestly comfortable with Roll20, Discord, Zoom, and Facebook Messanger for several campaigns as well as a co-DMing experience with two others to coordinate an 18-person Epic Zoom event where three separate groups came together for their final battle.

GM style

I am a flexible DM, but I run a tight ship. Improv-heavy fantasy fusion is where I shine, but I am well equipped to run a complex, crunchy, high-difficulty thematic campaign (or a good hack and slash dungeon delve) as requested. I always give out a player survey to give everyone an opportunity to express things they might not be comfortable voicing in front of other players. Even for one-shots, I dedicate time to a "Session 0" discussion where ground rules are plainly laid out so that everybody knows what to expect and any wrinkles can be ironed out before play ever starts. I expect every player to conduct themselves with respect for the other people at the table, and have absolutely no tolerance for bullying, harassment, or discrimination of any kind. I reserve the right to give any player the boot if they violate the social contract set out at Session 0, and players who get the boot will not receive a refund. Beyond that I really am an easy-going, story-focused rule bender who is willing to work with players where they're at to curate the kind of experience they want to have.

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