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About me

Good day, I'm so glad that you have come across my profile and are considering me to be your Gamemaster, Dungeon Master, Keeper of Arcane Lore, or Storyteller. Allow me to first introduce myself I am Steve and I have been playing TTRPGs since 2006 when my friends and I opened the Dungeons and Dragons 3.0 Starter box and battled through a dungeon to slay our first dragon. Since then I've been running games for 9 years.

GM style

All in all I feel like I'm a Yes and and a No but DM, I'm always willing to work with the players to make sure their crazy Ideas can work or at least have a chance to work and I definitely live by "Rule of Cool" within reason. After all the story is about the players and their heroic or Villainous actions. I will say though that I do run living worlds, if you choose to ignore the rampaging Gnoll horde that's headed towards the Village of Nix and decide 3 weeks later to go check it out you will find the Village of Nix destroyed as no one stopped the Gnoll Horde from wiping them out. Actions in my world do have consequences as well, if you decide to kill the shop keeper to steal the item you want don't be surprised when the local guards try to arrest you every time you come to the city. I take pride in making interesting NPC's and some of my favorites are: Mr. Black: the mysterious magic item dealer. His shop is literally a covered wagon with a donkey pulling it, but once you step inside you are transported to a multi-level emporium filled with every type of wonder you could imagine. The odd part about this shop is that everything has a price, it's just not Gold like you'd expect. Voldmyr Tovis: They are considered to have produced the finest clothes in the world, the way they lace clothing together with the use of magic is out of this world. They are always friendly and can be counted on for more than just clothing. Tovis was also a seasoned adventurer in the past and knows far more about the world and it's monsters than they let on.

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